MD Timeline and Tere Suárez

/MD Timeline and Tere Suárez

An alliance that benefits you

Through this collaboration, we will be able to develop the right Branding Image and Guidelines to be applied on the Apps and technological systems created for you deriving from your own brand image.

About the Tere Suárez agency as Branding experts:

  • Will design a strategic creative concept for the App(s) following the Branding Guidelines of each client, including the following elements:
    • typographics
    • icons
    • infographics
    • screens
    • templates
  • Will develop a way of effectively presenting the platform to their clients:
    • design and development of a strategic communications plan for presentation to both clients and general public (Advertising)
    • produce a unique custom image for each App

Please click here to see real samples of the above.

Our Suite

Call Center

Our powerful Call Center system allows care coordination visits with multiple providers, specialties and locations.


Our system integrates with your office RIS and PACS using our powerful Worklist Modality.


Our billing module that’s fully integrated with our EMR receives the encounter to start the billing cycle.

Technical expertise, Certified.